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INWES and annual Conference AFTI Tunisia

INWES and annual Conference AFTI Tunisia
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INWES Board members

A premiere in AFTI’s story this year, the 3rd Annual conference (National day of women Engineers) coincides with the Regional conference of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists – INWES. It has been the great occasion for women engineers and scientists to make a specific group for the MENA region, but not only, to experience the opportunities of digital for the profession. Because, the conference last 2 days from 11-13th may, 2018 under the theme : « Digital transformation,  opportunities for women engineers and scientists » (in the MENA region).



Dinner Restaurant Grand Bleu-meeting for INWES MENA network

The conference scheduled on 4 days :

Starting Thursday at night with a welcome diner cocktail

Friday: tours and excursions, constitutional meeting for INWES MENA network and dinner.

Saturday: opening session, plenary speakers, testimonials of INWES, sesssion timeslot, Gala.

And Sunday, INWES board meeting and celebration dinner at Restaurant « le grand Bleu »




Group photo INWES-ATFI


About 100 participants were expected to the conference that offered the opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences about digital transformation. To that extend, not less than 5 topics were developed during the event.



Topic 1 : Initiatives about developing innovative applications in different economic fields (agriculture, health, tourism, culture, learning, etc.)

Topic 2 : Good practices in developing appropriate legal or financial ecosystem to promote the digital transformation initiatives and support startup creation in this field

Topic 3 : Good practices in developing adequate infrastructure or enhancing digital trust

Topic 4 : Education skills in STEM

Topic 5 : Other initiatives in relationship with promoting digital transformation impact in economic and social domains.

Its good to notice here that Africa Business Cafe

official launch Africa Business Café, Tunis

CEO, Marie Brugeaud Ngo Bikes, was in charge of the content of topic 1, to empower women to integrate the digital transformation. And since acts speak more than words, it was the right occasion for the official launch in Tunisia, of the business web platform Africa Business Cafe , that promotes Partnership, Entrepreneurship, E-commerce in all domains.



This double event worth of many activities has been organised by two complementary organizations if we can say that. On the one hand INWES, a global network of organizations of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors whose missions are Networking Events, Exchange of information, Advocacy, Programs/Projects.

On the other hand, ATFI the first scientific association in Tunisia dedicated to Women engineers, engineering students, with over 70 active members and since 2016, the association is an organisational member of INWES. Her missions :

Create a Network, coach/mentor, contribute and support the integration of newly engineers, young and women engineers into both the job market and the national economic sector.

You can freely register on the platform Africa Business Café

« Let’s start and move forward together for the development and success for all »

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